Children / Pets

Make arrangements to have your children and/or any pets to be looked after by friends or relatives on the day of the move.


One of the most common mistakes made in moving house is the packing of household contents being left until the last minute.  Try to avoid starting to pack a few days before the move date; try to start packing at least two weeks beforehand. Items such as books, CD’s / DVD’s, out-of-season clothes and kids toys can be packed initially,



Free Services

Packing service: We will be happy to share or 30+ years experience with you in all matters related to the packing and storage of your furniture and other goods.

Packing Material: Several weeks prior to your moving date we will provide you with all the packing containers you will need for the big day! When the move is complete and unpacking finished we will collect the empty boxes for recycling.

Essential Items

In our experience it is possible for critical items to be packed in the removal van only for the customer to require these before lorry is unpacked at new house location. Put aside a pack with absolutely essential items, such as car keys, house keys (old and new) and any critical or essential documents you may need on moving day.